Unclaimed Money Recovery

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How do we do it?

Basically, just long tiring hours pouring over records and web data, then to the address sources to locate owners. 

Our success rate has been outstanding.  We have not had any claims submitted that have not been paid.  Of course, there are a few people who have not been able to provide the appropriate documentation to establish their ownership.  These were at best doubtful in any case.

How much do we charge?  It's no secret.  The work comes at a cost.  We are able to keep overheads low by operating as a home business.  Generally, depending on the amount and the claim complexity, the rate is about 5% or less.  But in any case, it will always be quoted up front so there will be no surprises.

No up front charges

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What happens next?

Most people elect to manage their own claim with the forms and information that we supply.  In this case, their payment will go directly to them and we ask that our payment be made thereafter.

Generally, we are finding in about 20% of cases, that where someone has lost one amount, there are other amounts.  If you request us to search for additional amounts and we locate same, additional fees will apply.  The extra will be at the same rate, and once again, payable only after the claim is paid.
What we do...

If you are fortunate enough to have received our letter, it is because we have located in the unclaimed money labyrinth the unclaimed money amount noted in the letter, and then have gone to the Electoral office or other sources to obtain your address.  In some cases, there is more than just one person with the identical name.  In these cases, from the information available to us, we are unable to be absolutely certain which person is the actual owner.

This is why the government departments and holding companies insist, not unreasonably, on certified documentary evidence of your connection with the obsolete address and with the money.  In any case, the onus of proof of identity and entitlement will always rest with the claimant.

Generally, we do not require a written agreement from you as our normal process is to provide you with all the necessary information and data to allow you to complete and lodge the claim on your own behalf.  This way, your money will go directly to you by mail or direct transfer.  However, if you need assistance with the claim and require us to manage it for you, then a simple acknowledgement is required.

Our charge will depend on the amount involved and which option works best for you.  We are paid ONLY after the claim is paid and the funds released.  Importantly, there are no up front charges or fees and, if your claim is unsuccessful for any reason, there is nil to pay .