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Commenced investigating Unclaimed Money in 1989 when it was possible to obtain the complete electoral roll on microfiche.  The system was fairly clunky as immediately the just obtained microfiche was received, it was out of date.  Nevertheless, a good measure of success was achieved and many people were reunited with their investments.

My industry background is in 20 years banking, followed by many years in building and business administration, including unclaimed money.

At that time, in 1989, information sources were limited to government gazettes published in hard copy on subscription and newspaper notices.
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During the 1990's, Freedom of Information was still relatively new and government departments were apprehensive.  Once a company had observed its commercial obligation with advertising and passed the funds to the relevant government department, it was impossible to obtain further information about it.

In 1998, I legally pursued ASIC for access under the Freedom of Information Act, to obtain details of the money they were holding, some of which had never been advertised or gazetted.

The decision, in my favour, was  important as it affected the way ASIC has constructed its access to data even now.