The text of the decision confirms the operation of
our business and that ASIC had no objection to it.

The argument propounded by ASIC at the time hung on privacy concerns, and much ado was made by ASIC of the Colakovski v ATC case that has received much comment in legal circles.

Colakovski v ATC is still, to this day, a landmark High Court decision.  However, notwithstanding (or probably because of) the Colakovski material, the decision by Mr Beddoe was in my favour.  The ASIC decision was overturned and access to ASIC records was awarded.  The decision is on public display on the austlii website. 

You can view it here...

Interestingly, the decision has been instrumental in the formation of, and current method of access to, data held by ASIC to this day.
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Further comment on the case is recorded by Doyle's Construction Lawyers and their comments are here...

How Long Does It Take?
Each Government has its own schedule, but generally they say to allow 30 days for claims to be paid if everything is in order.  During this time, they may request provision of original documentation.

Some authorities allow/request claims to be made online.
The first question on everyone's mind when they read our letter...

Is this a scam??  Simply... No!
Some state governments provide for recovery agents to be registered with them so that they know with whom they are dealing.  Greg Evans Recoveries is registered with all those who make this provision.  Registration requires positive identification and vetting by the Unclaimed Money departments of each.  However, the Authorities will state that they do not recommend or endorse anyone.

Why do you charge?

Companies and government departments generally do not look for people whose money falls under the unclaimed money umbrella, simply because of the cost.  Nor do they pay us.  We feel that the rate we charge is highly competitive and nominal. 

Can you provide a reference?

Yes!  In the past there has been a hole in the system that did not allow anyone to search for their money and one had to guess as to where it was to be able to claim it after the gazettal process.  In 1998, I took the ASIC to task over the matter and it was referred to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) before Senior Member, Mr K L Beddoe.  His decision was handed down on 12th March, 1999.  It remains uncontested to this day.
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