Sole Proprietor
       Gregory R Evans  J.P. (Qual)(Qld)

Office and mail address
       6 Australia Drive, GULMARRAD NSW 2463

       Office         02 6645 2776
       Mobile        0401 088 304
       Fax           Are you kidding!!

       um (at) gebs (dot) net (dot) au

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       PayID         0401088304

Rita - Thank you, Greg.  (Included a gift of a planted orchid)  Amount $6000. from compulsory acquisition.

Samuel - Don't tell anyone who phones to ask where the money came from.  My family will want to borrow it and I 'm not giving them any.  Amount $4500 Unclaimed savings account

Carmen - If only this had come two years ago.  My husband left me to put our two girls through high school by myself on a single income.  Amount $32,000 from compulsory acquisition of shares husband had been trading in spouse's name.
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Peter (Family company director) - Can't begin to tell you what this means.  Thank you.  Amount $96,000  Compulsory acquisition of shares after trading by brokers in his company to utilise accumulated losses from previous trading years.

Stan - We had no idea where these funds had gone or what to do about it.  Thank you. $6500.  Shares sold under Section 1343 of Corporation Act.